coronavirus (COVID-19) Tester Kit CE & FDA certification



Product Design:
A novel coronavirus novel coronavirus (COVID-19) IgG / IgM rapid

detection device is a fast chromatographic immunoassay for the detection of new coronavirus antibodies in whole blood, serum or plasma, which is helpful for the diagnosis of COVID-19 infection.

CE & FDA certification

Product Performance:
The reagent uses immunochromatography. The test card includes:

1. Gold labeling of recombinant new coronavirus antigen and quality control antibody with colloidal gold; 2. Two lines (g line and M line) and one quality control line (C line) of nitrocellulose membrane. The monoclonal anti IgM antibody was fixed on the M- line to detect the new IgM antibody of coronavirus; the g-line was fixed with the reagent to detect the new IgG antibody of coronavirus; the quality control antibody was fixed on the c-line.

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